Superior School bus tracking solutions are a MUST-TO-HAVE now for every school. School bus services are considered efficient if the parent’s/student’s wait time in the stop is less and the time the student spends in the bus is optimal. One parent dropping his or her child late at stop can cause time wastage for all the other parents who are waiting for the bus. Again the bus conductor cannot answer calls of all parents at the same time.

With Loqqat, schools will move to the next level by respecting the time of parents and reducing the commute time of students. Rather than transport team busy attending calls, parents will be self-sufficient tracking
their kids in mobile phones.

Optimized School Transport Management
No more anxious phone calls!! Parents can track their child’s transit in their mobiles and School can streamline workforce at transport desk. No more absentees due to Bus misses. Parents are informed of the ETA for pickup, dropoff and current position of the bus so that they can plan pickup and drop of their children with accuracy.
Compared to other applications in the market, Loqqat is an advanced and feature-rich application built to address the needs and requirements of both school management and parents.
Best in Class Experience
The feature-rich Loqqat gives the transport team an edge to design optimal routes. Loqqat auto generate trips and assign them to buses in the predefined time window. Transport team will get notified in case of any holdups by buses as Loqqat lets the drivers to open up a communication channel with the transport team. Transport team can notify parents in case of emergencies and can broadcast announcements to drivers when required.
Intuitive Data visualization
All data of school bus commute captured digitally, represented in dashboards and reports and then preserved for analytics. Loqqat captures all details of the school commute including the actual path of the bus, the students boarded, boarding points, exact time of each event, absentees, drop times, delays, route deviations etc. All these data is available for analysis and optimizations till school wants to keep it.
No Hefty Initial Costs
Many of the School bus tracking solutions require schools to spend hefty amounts in purchasing and installing non-portable GPS tracking devices in the school bus. Loqqat understands the budget constraints of schools and offers our service on affordable monthly subscriptions.
Even Novice conductors can do it
Loqqat simplifies the routine tasks of the bus attendant. Bus attendant will see in screen the student to be picked and from where and to drop where. Any trip or student change will be reflected in the mobile app so that transport team do not have to repeatedly explain it to the busy conductor. All the conductor has to do is making sure the chils taps his or her smart card on the device.
No child is left behind
Loqqat introduces an intelligent mechanism to make sure that no child is left behind in the bus after the trip. Loqqat alerts the transport team if conductor tries to end the trip while students are still left to be dropped.
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