What we offer
Loqqat suite of applications - A well integrated, superior interface between school bus, school and parents to keep children in visibility always.
Mobile Application
Real time tracking of your child’s school bus is important, but it is critical to know whether your child got on the bus and off at the right stop. Loqqat empowers parents with a robust mobile application to track children real time, while transit via school bus.
Mobile Application
Conductors has to multitask in school bus by identifying the kids who belong to the bus, remembering their pick and drop locations and maintaining attendance. Loqqat efficiently simplifies the tasks of the conductors to eliminate human error in every trip.
Web application suit
Loqqat is a user-friendly and well-supported platform which will equip schools to streamline processes for student bus commute. Loqqat addresses all the must-to-haves and nice-to-haves of the school transport teams and management in this exhaustive application suit.
How it works
Optimally designed flow of data
Best in class experience
Loqqat is feature-rich
Why Loqqat?
Comprehensive Solution Suite
Loqqat is built with robust technology

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